Our Story

          It all started back in March of 2015, when Jack and Sam were looking for summer jobs. After a couple of summers of contracting, bar-tending and camp counseling, they decided it was time for change…

          As they started their search online, they saw posts like “Looking for someone to pick up my son from soccer practice” or “In need of someone to help us move into our new home”. These posts were just a couple of examples of the wide variety of services that people were looking for. This was when they realized they stumbled upon a significant problem- a problem that they had the solution to. It was at that moment that Jack and Sam decided to start their own high-touch service business called A Southern Hand! From then on, they provided services including airport transportation, furniture moving, errand running and garage clean outs. There’s no job too small for A Southern Hand. Since then, Jack, Sam, and 5 others have been returning to Bluffton, South Carolina every summer to help residents with these tasks.

          It wasn’t until January of 2019 that they realized the potential market they were missing out on. One of the classes Jack was taking at Clemson University, called Venture Testing, tasks students with creating a business idea or product. Once an idea was created, they spent the entire semester executing that business plan. Jack teamed up with Andrew, Wil, and a few other students, and they went to work. They spent the semester creating a larger social media presence, marketing, and helping folks in Clemson, SC. All of a sudden, that summer business took off and began to help people year-round that were over 250 miles away from their place of origin.

          A Southern Hand plans to continue to help people in Bluffton and Clemson, but they won’t stop there! The team hopes to grow their clientele base to reach all of South Carolina.

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